A Star is Born: Blueprint to Achieving Your Goals

Have you watched A Star is Born? An extraordinary story of how a personal tragedy becomes the fuel that transforms a fragile struggling artist into a Star.

Like Jackson, each of us has many internal demons we are fighting, which prevent us from being our best and happiest selves. Like Ally, we can't harness all of our nature-given powers until we suffer the tragedy that shatters our soul to pieces.


We all can relate to having demons

Deep inside, we know that we can be extraordinarily successful. We understand that success is a result of focusing on the desired outcome long enough and directing all our energy and actions toward achieving it. Consistent actions, focus, and discipline lead to the desired results. However, we often battle some demons and lose sight of our goal. The demons take the best from us.

Fear is a common demon we fight. Often, I hear people say: "I'd like to do what you do. How do I start?" Then, even without pausing to listen to my answer, they dismiss the idea of being successful and give up the intention to make a change in life altogether. They convince themselves they are bound to fail. As if they can see the future, they explain in a lot of detail how and why they will inevitably fail. They tell me that they don't have time, money, knowledge to pursue their dream. They dismiss the fact that many others have already done what they dream about; reject all the evidence that their goal is achievable. From that, I know that they fight the demon of Fear. I can't help them. I can't help them until they win the fight first.

How do we escape the demons?

Well, in the movie Jackson coaxes Ally into the spotlight. He persistently coaches her and helps her grow into a passionate professional singer. He encourages her to discover her own inner strength and empowers her to pursue her dream despite her previous failures and despite her demon, the demon of Reality.

The demon of Reality fights all those who know better. They know that Cinderella is a fairy tale and they don't believe in Santa. They stopped trying because they stopped believing in magic. They gave up on dreaming.

Ally was a person just like that. She knew better than dreaming. She lived a simple life. The demon that she fought has already taken away her wings - she was poor and didn't dare to dream of a better life for herself. Until she fell for Jackson, who then rescued her from the demon of Reality. He showed her that dreams can become reality.

For a moment, the two were happy. But the movie shows the infinite continuum of life. The moment we win a battle with a demon, we meet another one. In the movie, Ally fights the demon of Fame next, which almost takes away Jackson from her. She starts to feel superior. She stars to notice Jackson's weaknesses. Ally is strong enough to escape her new Demon and keep her love for Jackson. They are briefly happy again.


Don't Wait until You Have Nothing to Fight For

When Jackson suddenly dies, the tragedy of losing the love, passion, and soul-mate of her life fuels Ally to become a Star. Like in a computer game, the tragedy causes a huge explosion all around Ally and wipes out all the demons.

Ally no longer has to fight. She has nothing to lose and no one to fight or fight for. She pursues her new dream fearlessly without any hesitation. The dream of being with Jackson forever. The only way she can keep him is by making his legacy stay and spiral out of control to inspire millions of people like the one she used to be - fragile, struggling, yet talented - to go after their dreams and become stars in life. Ally sings from her heart. She is A Star.

I was deeply touched by the movie. It reminded me of my own demons that possessed me. It reminded me of the personal tragedies in my past, through which I became stronger. It reminded me that as soon as I stopped giving in to various excuses and started to complete simple actions that lead me closer to fulfilling my goals, I made huge progress. These consistent seemingly insignificant actions started to add up over time. Staying focused and disciplined lead to small successes.

Whatever demons you are fighting now, I hope that you realize that you can and you will win, as long as you believe in yourself. There is no reason to wait for a personal tragedy to fuel your progress toward achieving your dream. There is no reason to give up and stop believing in magic. Simply believe in yourself, laugh away the obstacles, and keep taking one step at a time towards your goal.

Stop doubting, questioning, and do what you'd like to get done.

And then, it will get done a lot sooner than you can imagine.

PS If your dream is to stop living from paycheque to paycheque and your demons are Fear and Reality, please re-read this post and take one step at a time.

PPS Focus on acquiring assets that put money in your pocket and staying away from unneeded liabilities.

 Living Your Dream

Cheers to Taking Steps to Live Your Dream!



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