Anna Belov interviewed by Sean Cooper to encourage Canadian Women to Invest in Real Estate and Succeed

Money is a significant stress factor for many Canadians. Survey after survey shows that. Many people think they don't have the means to save let alone invest.

How do you go from being broke to owning real estate?
What kind of mistakes and hurdles should you expect?
How do you take on massive debt and can sleep at night?


These are some of the questions Sean Cooper and Anna Belov discuss in this episode of Burn Your Mortgage Podcast.

Anna shares her story and real estate investing strategy. She explains how she found the money to start and her biggest mistakes on the way to build a portfolio of 20 rental units while working full-time and being a mom of 3.

"Wow! These are quite remarkable stories! So many great pieces of advice. You taught our audience a lot of lessons!" exclaims Sean as he interviews Anna.

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Sean Cooper, the host of Burn Your Mortgage Podcast, is most famous for showing Canadians a simple path to financial freedom in his bestselling book. He makes regular appearances on national radio and television shows to discuss personal finance, real estate, mortgages, pensions, and retirement planning. 

Anna Belov is a successful investor with a cash positive real estate portfolio in Ontario, Canada. When Anna and her husband both lost their jobs in 2012, they were determined to take control of the situation and build a safety net for the future so that they would never have to worry about living from paycheque to paycheque. In under five years, Anna acquired 20 rental units while working full-time and being a mom of three. 

Anna is the author of the book, Just Over Broke? How to Invest in Assets and Eliminate Liabilities – the sincere Canadian blueprint to escaping paycheque-to-paycheque life.

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