Jackie Sheridan and Anna Belov Encourage Hardworking Professionals to Use Resilience

Are you feeling like a complete failure? You are NOT alone! Everyone falls on her face. Everyone comes to a dead-end. Everyone wants to vanish off the face of the earth at some point in life.

In this interview, Jackie Sheridan and Anna Belov discuss resilience skills, and how everyone can bounce back and start a new page in life. Anna shares her resilience story of collapsing from burn out and financial crisis to becoming successful. "Put Your Oxygen Rule First" rule, reading, and adding small enjoyable things back to your life are a few techniques that Anna and Jackie discuss.

"I believe that people can turn their life around as long as they are willing to do so!", says Anna Belov

Full interview available on You Tube (6 min)

Original post available on LinkedIn

Jackie Sheridan runs Sheridan Strategy Resilience and uses the power of stories to teach you how to become more resilient before, during, or after major life changes. We all experience loss, illness, grief or unexpected events that turn our lives upside down. Jackie Sheridan helps you to create an alternative story to the one you have, one of resilience and joy amid the change.

Anna Belov is a successful investor with a cash positive real estate portfolio in Ontario, Canada. When Anna and her husband both lost their jobs in 2012, they were determined to take control of the situation and build a safety net for the future so that they would never have to worry about living from paycheque to paycheque. In under five years, Anna acquired 20 rental units while working full-time and being a mom of three. 

Anna is the author of the book, Just Over Broke? How to Invest in Assets and Eliminate Liabilities – the sincere Canadian blueprint to escaping paycheque-to-paycheque life.

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