Refinance and Debt Consolidation Calculator (Excel Template)

Refinance and Debt Consolidation Calculator (Excel Template)

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This easy to use MS Excel calculator shows how to leverage your house, using the proceeds from a refinance to consolidate and pay down debt, invest and/or spend.


  1. See how much cash you can extract when you refinance and leverage your property

  2. Know how much a refinance transaction costs in fees

  3. Review monthly income stream from investing the proceeds of a refinance

  4. Review the impact of debt consolidation: how much your monthly interest payments will increase or go down by

  5. Easily plan and review all relevant scenarios - just change the parameters - the tool will do all the math and numbers for you!

This tool is designed to help you make the best possible decisions when you are working through the following questions:

  • What happens when I refinance my house?

  • How do I borrow against the equity in my home?

  • How will debt reconciliation help me with my interest payments?

  • How much passive income will I get if I refinance and invest the proceeds?

  • How much equity can I extract as cash when I re-finance?

  • How will my mortgage and interest payments change after a refinance?

  • Can I be free of high interest rate debt if I refinance my house?

  • How do I do the math for what my refinance? what will numbers look like?

  • What fees should I ask my mortgage broker and lenders about?

  • How can I use equity in my house to invest in real estate?