Real Estate Portfolio Summary (Excel Template)

Real Estate Portfolio Summary (Excel Template)

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This easy to use MS Excel template provides a snapshot of all your real estate assets. 


  • Use this template to keep track of your progress towards your real estate goals

  • Always know your key metrics for each of the properties you own such as:
    • Net worth
    • Cash flow
    • Equity available
    • Mortgage balance, etc.

  • This template makes your mortgage application process and shopping for money very straightforward!
    • When applying for a new mortgage or refinancing, simply provide this template to your mortgage broker
    • It will address 99% of their questions. 

  • The template comes with sample data for a portfolio of three rental properties and a primary residence.
    • Get a great start or reference point
    • Comes with field by field tips to help you understand the meaning of each row and column

  • Feel free to use and adopt to your needs! The template is not locked or password protected!