Real Estate Property Sale Planning (Excel Template)

Real Estate Property Sale Planning (Excel Template)

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This easy to use MS Excel template will help you plan a sale of a residential rental property.


  • Use this template to research and analyse a sale of a residential real estate rental property - single, duplex, or a bigger multi-unit

  • Understand key metrics and results from selling your property such as:
    • Cost of a sales transaction 
    • Proceeds deposited to your bank account
    • Total and annual return on investment (ROI)
    • Break even price

  • This template makes your decision to sell or continue to hold your property straightforward!

    Use it to work through questions and plan the best exit scenario:

    • How do I start with the sale? What should I know and be aware of?
    • How much money will I make or lose (net) when I sell?
    • How much will the proceeds from the sale be?
    • What will my return on investment be?
    • What's my break even sales price?
    • What fees should I be aware of?
    • Is it a good time to sell?

  • The template comes with sample data for two sales transactions: planning a a duplex sale and the actual results from a sold  6-unit multiplex.
    • Get a great start or reference point
    • Comes with field by field tips to help you understand the meaning of each row and column

  • Feel free to use and adopt to your needs! The template is not locked or password protected!